The positive impact of poetry

The positive impact of poetry

by: Surae ChinnGTU Staff

2020 was the year of loss and connection that we all experienced together. Local independent publisher and creative director, Dallas Graham, gathered stories of people from eight different countries to allow them to share their experience of 2020 through poetry. Graham joins us today to discuss the inspiration behind that project.

He got the idea to create the book, “3,651 Years Lived” after appearing on GTU back in January. The importance and impact of poetry during the pandemic was a topic discussed that day since it’s something that helps him find grounding. Graham said it made him wonder how many people would submit poems if he made that call.

The title “3,651 Years Lived” came from the added years lived by all of the contributors. He said the 1 reflects 2020 since it’s the year we all jointly felt and shared. All of the poems are even less than 100 words but are still able to resonate with so many people.

Graham is also the founder and creator of the Red Fred Project which allows children battling severe illnesses to become authors. They create their own children’s books and are able to tell the stories they want the world to hear.

To get your own copy of “3,651 Years Lived,” check out The Kings English Bookshop on Nov. 22 or purchase it on Amazon today! Also, follow Graham on Instagram for more information about his projects.



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