The Apprentice

The Apprentice

( by: Ana Marie Natividad )

People always get the drift of success;

the crown, that magnificent triumph of feat.

People always clench   the victory;

the edict, that greatness comes only to the few

Belittling I not was an excuse.

The bone trembles into the remorse, could I be devoured?

For few will only survive, exonerating my cues.

I am an apprentice of victory,

Tainted to ridicule the doubt that is in me.

I am an apprentice of euphoric conquest,

Scorched to the valleys of menace.

In the forest the queen roars for antalgic power

Vicious and decisive feat is assured.

  The lioness, queen of the jungle,           

But no one sees route of labyrinth tangled.

I am an apprentice of triumph,

Rooted in the dashing excruciating pain.

I am an apprentice of jubilation subjugation,

The lioness of heart-rending.


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